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We all want to do our part to help improve the environment. Sure, we recycle, we buy organic produce, and we occasionally carpool, but beyond that it's tough to sacrifice convenience for the bigger picture. EcoFashion offers another alternative to do what we are already doing in a more eco-friendly way. Previously, EcoFashion alternatives have been associated with drab colors, rough fabrics, and not very fashion forward or flattering fits. Lazy Glamour hopes to help change that by offering clothing that is chic, fits well, and is made from sustainable fabrics in an environmentally-aware way.


All of our products are designed with sustainability in mind. Lazy Glamour apparel utilizes sustainable fabrics that are grown, produced, and processed using environmentally friendly methods. They're soft and silky, yet durable. So you can look sexy while doing your part to save the planet - environmentalism that fits right into a "lazy" lifestyle!


To find out more about our fabrics, check out our EcoFashion page.


1% FTP LogoLazy Glamour is a member of 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment. We contribute 1% (or more!) of net annual sales to grassroots environmental groups with the sincere hope that our collective efforts are paving the way for more corporate responsibility and the recognition, support and patronage of conscientious consumers who value serious commitment to the environment.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, please contact us at Also check out our FAQ for more information.


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